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The Ute Indian Tribe Mosquito Abatement Department consists of individuals who are interested in promoting the economic, environmental and ecologically sound management of mosquitoes in order to enhance human and animal, health and well being.  Our mission is to provide  leadership, information and education concerning the suppression of  mosquito transmitted diseases and the reduction of pest annoyance levels caused by mosquitoes on the Uintah and Ouray Reservation.

 Ute Indian Tribe Mosquito Abatement Management Policy: Mosquitoes are a serious threat to human health and comfort ranging from the transmission of arboviruses, like West Nile Virus to the vexatious biting of flood water mosquitoes. The successful management of this group of insect vectors and pests significantly increases access to the outdoors and  quality of life. The Ute Indian Tribe Mosquito Abatement Department wishes to establish a broad outline of the principles of Integrated Management of mosquitoes that can be adapted to local needs and conditions. Ideally, mosquito management should be based on the best  available and scientifically supported methods of surveillance and integration of larval and adult  controlmethods. In addition, two key components of any mosquito abatement program should be the appropriate training of control personnel and a strong commitment to educating the public about vector-borne diseases, abatement actions, and the best methods for personal protection and homeowner source reduction.

We would like to encourage all tribal members to contact us with any concerns regarding mosquito activities on or around their property. If you see standing water feel free to contact us and we will send a technician out to inspect the area for mosquito activity.


Ute Indian Tribe Mosquito Abatement Contact Information:

Program Director:  Rick Chapoose Jr

Office Address: 1120 South 7500 East , Fort Duchesne Utah  84026

Office Phone Number: 435-725-4839

Director Cell Phone Number: 435-823-0683