Ute Indian Tribe

September 7, 2020

Good Morning Friends & Relatives,

Air Quality

The Uintah Basin has been experiencing poor air quality over the last few days mainly due to the wildfires in the area and surrounding states. Wildfire smoke contains the pollutant, particulate matter. Particulate matter is made up of microscopic particles of dust, soot, and ash.

The US EPA uses the air quality index color coding system to inform the public of the general air quality at a given time.

Green=Good air quality

Yellow=Moderate air quality

Orange=Unhealthy for sensitive groups

Red=Unhealthy for all individuals

Maroon=Vey unhealthy


Over the weekend we experienced red air days. When the color is orange or above, it is recommended to stay indoors as much as possible and limit your physical activity such as exercising especially if you have pre existing respiratory or other health issues. If you are in a vehicle it is recommended to keep your windows up and run your vehicles air conditioning recirculating the interior vehicle air.

Storm generally help to clear the air and as of 8:00am this morning, the Roosevelt air monitor was reporting yellow but all other monitors in the Basin were reporting as green. It is expected though, that we will be experiencing more bad air days until the fires and smoke are under control.

To check the air quality you can visit the Ute Indian Tribe website and go to the Air Quality Department section. There are links to the EPA Airnow site and a link to see the air monitoring stations throughout the Basin.

Radio Announcement September 8, 2020  Department: UIT Emergency Mgmnt.

As of Today, September 8, 2020 there are 4 active cases on the Uintah and Ouray Indian Reservation. Ute Indian Tribe has not rescinded any of the restrictions regarding Curfew and Stay at Home orders. If you are an employee of the Ute Indian Tribe you are restricted to the Tri-County area which is Duchesne, Uintah and Daggett Counties. If you leave the reservation without prior notice you will forfeit your administrative leave and will have to quarantine for 5-7 days and get tested on the 8th day before returning to work and society. Please take all precautions to protect yourself and loved ones, continue to wash and sanitize your hands, social distance in public settings, and wear a mask where social distancing is unable to maintain.

UIT Emergency Management employees will be conducting the 2020 CENSUS for the Ute Indian Tribe, and ask you to be courteous to enumerators that will be conducting interviews. The purpose of the CENSUS is to get as many Tribal individuals counted, this number counts for how much funding the tribe will receive for construction on roads, transportation, home development, development of businesses, and tribal programs (health and wellness, senior meals and services, and Indian Health Services, etc). This also effects the amount tribes receive for disaster relief and the amount of vaccines we get a year for tribal individuals. We want to make sure everyone gets counted and completes the census, our goal is to reach 75% of the tribal population, as of today we are at 31.3% completion. Let’s get everyone counted, and if you need assistance in completing the CENSUS, please stop by the Emergency Management office located at the old Tribal Court House for further assistance.


At this time, the Natural Resource Department would like all tribal membership who required an Agriculture/Home site Assignment to please come into our office or call and provide a current mailing address and phone number. Please feel free to contact the Resource office @ (435-725-4829) or (435-725-4838)


                                                       UTE TRIBE SENIOR PROGRAM

The Ute Senior Program is for those over Fifty-five years old & enrolled with the Ute Tribe. - Ute Tribe Senior Title Vl, Grant Meals: The Ute Senior Center meal service change is due to surrounding health conditions and to keep our tribal elderly safe, along with staff and their families. Only homebound meals will be done at this time. Be advised that meal delivery times are from 11:30 am or (earlier) to 1:35 pm. Individuals are required to keep pets, safely away from delivery staff & vehicles. For any questions feel free to call the office (435-725-4231)


The Ute Tribe Transit is On-Call should you have any questions or concerns regarding the Transit please call (435-823-8880)


Is accepting applications for 1, 2, 3 & 4 bedroom units for low income rental program. For more information call: (435-722-4656)


DUE to the respect for our tribal members – Safety First Always. No Classes are scheduled until further notice. Thank You from Maylee Mountain.


A kindly reminder that the following should NOT go into the Ute Tribal Garbage bins or dumpster. We operate compacting trash trucks and these items will ruin Sanitation Equipment:

  • Electronics
  • Office Furniture
  • Construction Debris (bricks, stone, concrete)
  • Renovation Debris (drywall, wood, siding)
  • Batteries
  • Tires
  • Paint
  • Flammable Liquids
  • Dead Animals
  • Hazardous Waste (gas, oil, pesticides, etc.…)

Should you have any questions please feel free to contact us 435-722-5176.



Ute Home Mortgage LLC

- Mortgage Officer

Fish & Wildlife

- Director

Natural Resource

- Director

Social Service

- Director (Certified)

Ute Housing Authority

- Executive Director

- Grounds Keeper


- Security Officer

Adult Court

- Prosecutor

- Public Defender

BIA/OJS Law Enforcement

- Tribal Police Officer

Tribal Transportation Program

- Transportation Director



Ute plaza

- Lead Cashier

- Meat Lead

Ute Crossing Grill

- Server

- Line Cook

- Head Chef

Fort Duchesne Ute Petroleum

- Manager

- Stocker

- Cashier (3) Positions : Part time

- Krispy Crunchy Chicken Worker (3) Positions : Part Time

Myton Ute Petroleum

- Manager

- Manager on Duty

- Cashier

- Deli Worker (3) Positons : Part time

For more information contact: the Human Resource Office @ (435-725-4017)


*UTE BULLETIN DEADLINE: The next Bulletin Deadline: Monday September 14, 2020. Bulletin will be out: Monday September 21, 2020. Please submit your articles and photos to Ute Bulletin Office to, reginam@utetribe.com,


*NOTICE: Regarding Ute Bulletin Submissions: When submitting information, photo or flyers, please submit in the format of a word document, submit photos in the form of jpeg, and submit flyers in the form of Adobe PDF or send the original digital creation. This will ensure that submission can remain in good quality when printed.    


*FRIENDLY REMINDER: Daily Business will be through EMAIL or the office’s DROP BOX in front of the building due to the precaution of COVID-19. Please submit your Radio News to Ute Bulletin/Public Relation Department by noon (12:00 pm) On Mondays, email information to heidib@utetribe.com or reginam@utetribe.com

If you missed any portion of this program, you can view the Ute News at www.utetribe.com, or stop by the office and pick up a copy of the Ute News.